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Cuckold husband forum We had began this current process in an attempt to find a suitable man for us to play with from time to time. Date: Jun Posts: 1. The guy had a huge cock and was very rough with me but in a good way. Hoping to restart playing with hotwife soon by Chrislydi » Thu Feb 24, pm. I often screw these situations up by saying the wrong thing, but I was ready for her this time.

    • Eyes:
    • Green
    • What is my hair:
    • I've got short straight fair hair
    • Body type:
    • My figure features is quite skinny
    • What I like to drink:
    • I like mulled wine
    • Smoker:
    • Yes
Where am I from: Cambodian
Service for: I prefer male
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got huge hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair: Silvery
I understand: French
What is my Zodiac sign: Scorpio
My body features: My figure type is muscular
Convince Your Wife to Cuckold You in 10 Steps

He will do all of your housework, lick you whenever you want, and seek out other men to entertain you.

Make sure that you have his password and then review his postings and topics of interest at your liesure.

Husband Sells Wife to Best Friend... YOU WON'T BELIEVE THE ENDING! - Sameer Bhavnani

Then just keep adding, first at home then out and about. But if you do go for feminizing, you will even find a thread here which deals with hormone therapy to grow him some boobs.

A nice feminine cologne.

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With me it's Cuckold husband forum, stockings, high-heels and mini skirt Wish You lot's of fun. One size bigger helps. Then you can suggest that he wears them to work, or when you go out to dinner. You guys are great! A lot can be done, and a lot posted here and other places on sissification.

Have you started him out on wearing panties. A lot of people look bad because they are not doing their make up right, because they are not wearing the right wig, becase they are not standing like a woman and most often because they haven't done their eyebrows properly.

Another small thing, don't forget scent. Online now: Guests - Members - Once he has a large enough supply of panties, I normally pack all male underware away Son fucks old mom a box and tape it shut under your watchful eye.

Then print it out and give it to him.

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As to cuckolding, you don't necessarily need to feminize him to make him submissive. Much more, but where are you in your sissification of him.

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Hi Ms Kremmy She began an exhaustive training program, including Bosom Worship, Fanny Worship, Baby Training, and sissyboy training until i was totally Feminized and emasculated You may reach me at protected Lecocu is French for cuckold.

Wigs, heels, jewelry, blouses, slacks, dresses skirts.

Fully made up in the bed room lip gloss when you go out to dinner. I like this site The hyperlink is visible to registered members only! You do have to watch out for size.

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You can pluck them a bit without it getting in the way of any day job, or if you don't have a problem there, pluck them a lot! FantMstr Member Posts: Goose68ca Member Posts: 4.

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Guys, what do you like? You don't say what you have done so far. loading time secs : 0. Your reply. Make him put on that dress and let him know why he's wearing a dress.

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Sissification though, I know nothing about and I was hoping someone could give me pointers. Have sex with him wearing them. Wives, what do you do? Kremmy, sounds to me like you need advice as to how to make him look convincing more than anything, right?

I support Woman's right to Cheat. Rating: 31 vote. Cuckolding's not a problem because and I'm glad I can finally say this openly he's got a tiny dick and I'm left frustrated most of the time.

Ladies: Cuckold - Yes Or No ?

Dear Kremmy Does he has any preferences what he would like to wear? If you can't pluck them much you'll probably need to find a wig Gay cabarete lismore a hair cut with a low fringe, there are lo on ebay.

Also, men have squarer faces so you can compensate this with make up which draws attention from his jaw. Then complain that he is stretching them and make him buy his own. Shrimp Dick Member Posts: Delete attachment 1.

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When he gets in bed and starts messing around suggest that he put them on. This is wonderfully humilitaing and exciting.

ESCORT ONLINE KALAMAZOO Her hair and makeup were askew, and her face was plastered and dripping with fresh cum!
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Up to the first message. You can go shopping with him if you all choose. He'll enjoy being pushed around.

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Now you have the freedom to total satisfaction! That way he only has panties, and you can have the thrill later on of having him put the box out by the garbage to wait for them to disappear.

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First when you are playing and later in work or social situations. Whatever you do, however, we think that you will find it to be extremely enjoyable on a of levels.

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If you want more ideas just me or look for me on YM I help anyway i can Shut up sissy you couldnt do the job right now its my turn to show your wife the right way. My husband recently confessed a desire to be cuckolded and sissified.

How about have him on to this site. Also the right wig works wonders, if his face is too wide, try a longer wig Stone massage albury curls at the bottom which will make his face look less wide.

Be strong!

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I like very fem, screams panty from accross the room. Copy and paste stories which are written on this site to a word file.

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Teach him to sit like a woman with his legs crossed or knees together at all times. I would start with panties. Good for you kremmy! Tell him that you need him to do the research for you. Men's underpants are built for a bulg, panties aren't so the waist to crotch difference is normally shorter in panties.

Who's Your Bitch. Or start having him wear makeup.

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Rating: 3. If you have a lot to talk about, message me we can take further discussion to. We've been married for a few months but dating and engaged for nearly 5 years. If you have not started yet an Whores in alpharetta georgia way to start is to wear your sexiest undies to bed.

When he is wearing them all the time add a bra or pantyhose. It is dormant, but the offenses from the lucky dip are full of fun ideas. I will make you crazy. Submissively, tinyweewee. I'm going to send you some pictures of cute trannies that I will not post because I don't have permission.

If he is going to wear them constantly you want him to be able to tolerate them. Now that you are married to him, deny him everything!

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I love the idea of emasculating him but all I'm finding on google is fetish sites with guys that look VERY obviously like guys in drag. I got so desperate that I'd considered divorcing him and this works out well.

What do cuckold husbands do while we're getting fucked?

That is normally a first thing. Will meet for sissy sex with yor cuck!! Please, register and log in first! Then you can start adding other feminine touches. Finally, if he wants to be sissified, and you want him to be convincing, then make him lose some weight.

Have him rate the stories from 1 to 10 based upon how appropriate they are to his fantasies.

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